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Jan. 30th, 2013

wow. what a crazy month. can't believe it's almost another month already and Chinese new year is right around the corner. Not much to update about - except I just came back from the Bahamas on Monday - it was sooo nice and beautiful... It felt nice to get away from work for a few days. work is going well as well. but i wished it wasn't so demanding on phone calls at times :D

Happy New Year!!

First of let me say Happy New Year!

As today marks a new year I guess I'll reflect back into 2012. Was 2012 a good year? Bad? Quiet honestly I felt like it was a balance of both. It was filled with both highs and lows. But by going through those highs and lows it made me who I am now.

I no longer work for that accessories company which turned out to be a good thing in some ways. I did a freelance job from the end of summer till right around Christmas. I'm still working at my part time gig which is at downtown/Battery Park on Saturdays. I'm currently working as coordinator assistant full time in Queens. It's a LONG commute but it's hopefully worth it. Everyone there seems nice – I just hope I don’t piss anyone off or anything.

As for my love life? It's been a roller coaster as well. I can't say I was in love but I did have feelings here and there. Maybe it was lust?!

I became an aunt again for the 3rd time to another cutie pie named Gavin. He's so cute. But I love each one of my niece and nephews equally. Mason recently discovered how to walk during Hurricane Sandy and now he's running/walking around like a drunken baby. Ella started pre-k last year. She’s getting so big too…

Cheers to a New Year! :)


Dec. 29th, 2012

another year is slowly approaching... only 2 days till the year is over. i can't believe it'll be another year soon. it seems like the days are passing by sooo quickly!! my commute to work is such a nightmare. it takes about an hour (or an hour and half - depending if there is traffic) and another 30-40 minute ride to my job. bummer. but i do like the job. i'm waiting for my desk to arrive so for now i'm sharing a space with my supervisor. the work isn't too crazy so it's not too bad. everyone is nice and laid back. i can't wait till i have my own desk and such that way i don't have to keep asking my supervisor to borrow her computer and such. she's very nice. i met my biggest boss the other day and she seems very nice too.

sometimes i feel like i think too much for my own good.

Dec. 15th, 2012

Excited to start a new leaf/chapter in my life very soon. :)

more details to come soon!

Dec. 4th, 2012

Wow - it's been awhile since I posted. Not much is new. Just working, working and working. My thanksgiving was pretty relaxing but tiring as I didn't get a lot of rest even tho I wanted some rest. Work has been a seesaw - good and bad. But it's all jobs I suppose. But hopefully I find a full time gig with benefits soon!!

Nov. 22nd, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Stay safe & be grateful! :)

Nov. 16th, 2012

It's almost Thanksgiving... That means 4.5 day weekend! yaya!! :)

Work has been crazy lately. It can be slow one day and super hectic/busy the next. My boss in my free lance job offered to take everyone out for drinks but I declined as I have work the next morning and b/c I'm not a drinker. Maybe next time but I doubt I'll drink. I'm excited to go on a Disney Cruise next year - tho it won't be cheap :(

I have so much running thru my head too. I have happy/good thoughts but I also have sad thoughts. So I guess you can say my emotions are all over the place yet...again...

I'll try to update next week if I'm not too busy!! :)


I can consider myself lucky after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast. No real damage was done to my home in NJ. My mom's place in the city had no lights/electricity till yesterday afternoon. I felt so bad for the victims who lost everything, power and such. My heart goes out to them. I also feel sad about the victims that lost someone they love. Just watching the aftermath in the news makes me very sad and my heart is broken. Gas is being sold everywhere people go - left and right. It's just so crazy. I'm extremely blessed. We were lucky enough to have shelter and power. It would've been a major issue/problem if we didn't have power or a shelter. I wished I could do more to help out all the victims but I'm trapped in my own home with no way to commute and help. All I can do is pray for the victims who have lost all the things they had.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

It's the day after Hurricane Sandy has come to the East Coast.  I'm lucky to have everyone in my family safe and sound. No one in my family was hurt. Thank you God & daddy for watching over us.

The wind was just so strong and it sounded very wicked. I was a bit scared tho I maintained to stay calm most of the day. Some branches fell off tress around me in NJ. Nothing too major except a few down trees or so. My neighbors a few doors down had something fall off or some sort from what I heard. We had a few mini blackouts yesterday night but nothing too major. However we did have a blackout while we went to bed - I don't know when tho since I saw the microwave time blacked out. I felt the house shake a little while watching the news with my sister in her room yesterday.

My mom's apartment in NY lost power along with a few friends I know that live in that area or below 14th street. I hope they stay safe and get power back soon. I saw a video on the news last night where it was flooded near lower Manhattan. Just looking at the aftermath makes me sad.

As for work in both my jobs - I will NOT (or most likely) not going to work this week. 1 of my jobs is at lower Manhattan. It is flooded and it was in Zone A (most dangerous zone).  As for my other job - there's no electricity around there so I can't go in. I hope everyone stays safe in this matter.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is well on it's way to the tri-state area. NOT FUN! It's the 2nd hurricane to hit us in 2 years. Last year was Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene and now this year it's Sandy. Last year is NOT as bad as this year. Hurricane Sandy is supposedly going to be more damage and such. Both my jobs have been closed tomorrow and possibly Tuesday.

I hope everyone stays safe!! If you're near ZONE A PLEASE GO TO A FAMILY OR FRIEND THAT ISN'T IN ZONE A!!!

Click there for the latest live updates!!